Volunteer Modeling & Commissioned Paintings

Volunteer Modeling

John is always looking for new "canvas" models to paint and try new ideas and techniques on. Unlike a Commissioned Painting, Volunteer Modeling is free of charge and includes a small signed print. Although the artist decides what will be painted you can make a general request to be used for a specific theme like Tropical Sunset, Outer Space, Mountain Lake, etc. In the end your painting will be posted on various social media platforms and sold as prints and other merchandise.  This is a great option if you're on a limited budget, you love all of John's work and just want to be a major part of creating something beautiful.

The process of becoming a Volunteer "Canvas" Model goes something like this:

1. Make contact with John through email or Facebook and introduce yourself.

2. If you're in the Northern Utah area you will come to the studio for a model consultation where you can meet with John face to face and fill out some paperwork to be kept on file. If you're not local it will have to be done electronically.

3. Reference Photo Test Shoot - Before leaving the studio you will be tastefully photographed (without clothing) in various poses. These images will be kept on file for reference purposes only to help the artist  determine what poses will work best for the painting as well as identify anything that may requires special attention such as tan lines (very noticeable in UV), tattoos, blemishes, etc. Only John and 1-2 members of his staff will ever see these images. Again, if you're not close enough to meet at the studio in advance of the painting session you'll have to have someone else take the pictures in the poses that will be shown to you.

4. You will be scheduled for the official painting and/or added to  John's private Facebook Models Page so you will know when John is looking for models for specific paintings.

Commissioned Paintings

A Commissioned Painting is a service where a client pays the artist to paint a mutually agreed upon scene. A large premium Limited Edition canvas wrap print is included in the fee. Your painting will remain private, unless you give permission for it to be posted on the web, but it will never be sold in any form including prints or other merchandise. You're able to order additional prints or upgrade the size and/or the materials of the Limited Edition print for an additional fee.

The process of setting up a Commissioned Panting is similar to becoming a Volunteer Model.

1. Contact John by email or Facebook.

2. Either in person or by electronic means work out the details of what will be painted and what pose will work best.

3. Schedule a day for the painting to take place. A ten percent, non refundable, deposit will be paid at this time to secure your booking.

4. After the painting and photography session the best image will be selected and the remaining balance will be paid in full.

5. You'll receive the finished wall art (canvas wrap) within 2-4 weeks from the time of the sitting.

To start the process please contact John by email at sunkistphoto@yahoo.com or connect on Facebook (John Allen Poppleton).

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