What Clients Are Saying

"The world is filled with artists, but rarely are we graced with true visionaries and geniuses of their craft. The latter is certainly John Poppleton. As humble as he is innovative, John truly curated an experience of a lifetime for my husband and I as we endeavored to commemorate the birth of our first born. I came to him with a concept for my maternity photo shoot and he quickly responded with enthusiasm and expounded on my idea with recommendations that only a creative could envision. I truly appreciate him for that because it really enriched the spirit of the experience. John totally delivered on execution; the delicacy of the hand drawn details, the contrast of colors against my skin, and the way he captured the essence of the moment and the sunset in his photography were all so stunning. The final prints and the album were also beyond striking; I truly couldn’t believe my eyes. The details were so precise and the colors so vibrant; everything was drawn, contoured, and captured just perfectly! A job well done to you John; I truly can’t express my gratitude enough. Your level of expertise in this niche market is certainly unmatched and I pray you continue to seek opportunities to bless others with your work. I would fly across the world just to have another moment in your studio. Thank you again!"       - Britney J, California, USA

“Thank you John for a marvelous Black Light Bodyscape and fine art photography experience!  Your artistic hand and creative eye transformed the waterfalls image I shared into a stunning bodyscape canvas that captured the very essence of what I desired!  I was speechless with the breadth of grace and femininity captured in the fine art photos.  A professional, comfortable and trusting connection I felt throughout the process.   I will cherish immeasurably the joyous experience and works of art you provided me with to celebrate turning 50!  I recommend John Poppleton Under Black Light to those looking to elevate the traditional photography session into an amazing collaborative creation.”     - Michele Guidice, Spokane, Washington, USA

"Having your nude body painted by a stranger may be outside of your comfort zone, but the beautiful piece of one-of-a-kind art is definitely worth it. At first I felt very awkward/vulnerable being nude, but those feelings left me within about ten minutes and when that happened the studio actually felt very comfortable to me. John is very easy to talk to and having conversation during the painting process really put me at ease. If you are thinking about doing one of these body paintings, My advice would be to try sitting in the pose you want for two hours at home to make sure it is a pose you would be comfortable holding. I unfortunately did not do this and about 20 minutes into the painting, my foot and hand went numb. John would stop and let me take a break so I could stretch and regain feeling. He was very professional and accommodating throughout the whole session. I could just tell that his main priorities were making me feel comfortable, and creating a piece of art we could both be proud of. I absolutely love how my painting turned out and I have received so many compliments. John is creative and very talented and I would definitely work with him again."      Shannon Wilke, Wisconsin, USA

"A few years ago, before my wife died we had been considering a unique photo session for her 50th birthday. We knew an artist who was going to body paint her and we were going to get a professional photographer to shoot her. This all fell by the wayside when she fell ill. She would have been sixty last year and I had wanted to  organize something to mark the occasion.

I had admired John's work for several years and I had an idea of getting him to paint a sunset scene loosely based on photos I had taken from the veranda of the villa we were staying at in Mauritius on our last holiday together.

The stunning image John was able to create on the model (Rachel) will last as a testament to a wonderful woman who is still deeply missed by her family and friends. 

John is one of those hidden gems that you know should be telling every one about yet deep down you want to keep his genius for yourself. John was able to fulfill an ambition my late wife and I had and were unable to achieve. Thank you!"     - Andy Martin, The Netherlands 

  "Seeing John's work, I had very high expectations and made several sacrifices and gambles with my publisher to get his work on the cover of my newest book. However, I had never commissioned anything before. John took my crazy unorganized clueless ideas and gave me something that made me forget the sacrifices and gambles I had made and even had my publisher totally amazed. Blown away like a supernova is about the size of my joy. I am eager to use his skills on more of my books."      - Tigertalez

  "I discovered John's work when I started bodypaint modeling in the summer of 2015 and knew I had to collaborate with him one day. Finally in early 2016 I decided I couldn't wait any longer - it meant travelling down from Canada but it was the most worthwhile trip I've ever made.
As a nature lover, an art lover, and as someone who only recently came to embrace the skin I'm in, I now have a beautiful image that expresses who I am.
I am thrilled with the result and strongly recommend John, whether you're an experienced model or not. He's very friendly, easygoing, patient, and made me feel totally at ease. Even though he's the one doing most of the work, he allowed for collaboration and is a great listener. The end result is even better than I anticipated. It was a wonderful importunity working with him, and I wouldn't change a thing."       - Neo Marianne, Ontario, Canada

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